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We invite all those interested in learning about what really has happened to the Roman Catholic Church over the past fifty years to peruse the pertinent articles on this website. Does the sorry spectacle on parade in the mass media truly represent the unchanging Rock of Ages ―― the Mystical Bride of Christ?  Or is the True Church in eclipse, hidden temporarily from our view?  Let's examine the issues, the facts, the quandaries, the actual history of the situation . . .


Newest Article: 2 April 2013

We have added a syllabus to our "Articles" section which describes each of our articles. We hope that this format will make our site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. We also have added Google Translate for those who cannot read English well. Although we cannot vouch for the quality of the translations, they should at least help. (To use, click on your language, then navigate the site as normal.)

Newest Materials:

Our most recent article, Back to Basics, begins a new series which discusses some of the more blatant theological abberations of the present "Pope Emeritus" and his like-minded compatriots.

Frustrated with evangelicals, Calvinists, and other Protestants? Click here for an excellent old book  in our library which may come in handy in discussions with them. Entitled, "A Discovery of the Manifold Corruptions of the Holy Scriptures" by Fr. Gregory Martin, chief author of the Douay Edition of the Holy Bible, dated 1582.

We have added two books to our Library which those needing some additional catechetical knowledge will find useful. These are the complete Catechism of the Council of Trent, by MacHugh and Callan, and the Catechism of St. Pius X. Please check our Library for details.

Our Articles section, especially the 3-part article entitled "The Siri Thesis Under Attack" (Part I) (Part II) (Part III), along with "Cardinal Siri Asks for the Forgiveness of God", and that concerning Fr. Malachi Martin, contains some valuable information for Catholics of today who have concluded that the occupants of the papal throne since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 are not valid successors of St. Peter. At the same time, we believe that a "sede vacante" of 55 years and ongoing is impossible. Was Cardinal Siri actually elected Pope? The evidence, in our opinion, is very strong, and we believe he was. As for the impostors, an article defending Pope Honorius I against accusations that he was a heretic, shows that it is impossible that the modernist heretics in the Vatican can be valid Popes. St. Robert Bellarmine says flatly that no true Pope could ever become a heretic.

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