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Catholics are talking Ďbout the latest news from Rome
Some are cheering madly, as the words come hitting home,
But if you think itís fine,
You ignore the bottom line:

Itís an anti-papal motu proprio! 

Benedict is actually a very clever Rat
Tricking all traditionalists who donít know where itís at.
Is he really pope?
We must answer, "Nope!".
Itís an anti-papal motu proprio! 

Many U.S. bishops in the role of bugaboo
Say the Novus Ordo is the only thing to do
When theyíre being mod
They think theyíre next to God
Itís an antipapal motu proprio! 

Michael Mattís ecstatic; so will he do a deal
With the thugs who give out hugs at their unholy meal?
Can he co-exist
Without being dissed?
Itís an anti-papal motu proprio! 

Robert Moynihan is in his role of go-between
For a guy whoís in disguise from here to Halloween.

What a silly farce,
Falling on his ar_
Itís an antipapal motu proprio!

This song copyright © July 31, 2007, by Kenneth G. Gordon.