Do you know this man? Does he look familiar - maybe like a former president? Before we go any further, let us reveal that he is - or was - actually, Rev. P. P. Waldenstrom, D.D., a Protestant cleric from Sweden who served on the Advisory Council for the World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago over a century ago - September, 1893, to be exact.

Also pictured in the two volumes commemorating the event are the following:

A Mendicant Dervish

A Shinto Priest

Dr. H. Adler, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire

Muni Atmaramji, a Buddhist Priest

The Catholic Archbishop of St. Paul, John Ireland

Rev. Edward Everett Hale, D.D., Boston.

Rev. Dr. H. Pereira Mendes, Rabbi, New York

Taoist Mendicant.

A Lama, Tibetan Priest.

His Eminence, James Cardinal Gibbons, Baltimore.

If you are wondering why His Eminence, and Archbishop John Ireland, appear in this context, stay tuned: more details will follow soon.

Photos from The World's Parliament of Religions, Vols. 1 and 2Rev. John Henry Barrows, D.D., Ed. Chicago: The Parliament Publishing Company, 1893.