These pages contain a collection of mostly traditionally Catholic books, some of which are now almost impossible to find. They have been provided, gratis, by a sincere Catholic, who, in the tradition of St. Cajetan of Thiene, Patron of the Un-employed, prefers to remain unknown except to God, from Whom he can expect a great reward. Please include him in your prayers.

     These books have been searched for, obtained (often at significant cost in time and money), scanned, proof-read in many cases, re-typeset in some other cases, and "PDF-ed" for your spiritual comfort, welfare and/or education. Some of the files are quite large, and you should probably have a high-speed internet connection in order to download them in a reasonable time.

     We will add other books as we can. All will be posted in PDF format.

1) "The Canon of the Old Testament", Bp. Tobias Mullen (Co-author: Monsignor Thomas A. Casey, whose death is shrouded in mystery). This rather large book very extensively covers how the canon of the Old Testament came to be, which "version" is the correct one, and details how it was mutilated, and by whom.

2) "The Christian Trumpet". Fr. Gaudentius Rossi, a Passionist priest. Written in 1873 or thereabouts, it is the first, and possibly the only, book written, at the time, in English on the subject of Catholic prophecies and pre-visions of the crisis in which the Catholic Church, and the world, finds itself today. It is extremely apropos.

3) "A Discovery of the Manifold Corruptions of the Holy Scriptures", Fr. Gregory Martin. Published in 1582, but still very relevant today. In this book, Fr. Martin proves conclusively that the Protestants have deliberately mistranslated the Bible to remove anything Catholic, and goes into the original Greek and Hebrew to prove his points. Never be confused by Protestant arguments again!

4) Rosary Novenas to Our Lady. This is a PDF of the little blue booklet which was available for many years. Recently, the original has been "updated" to include the so-called "Mysteries of Light." The version offered here does NOT contain those, and is a slightly edited version of the original. Please put it to good use.

5) The Catechism of the Council of Trent. This is a PDF of the complete Catechism, the version translated by McHugh and Callan, and provided by The Catholic Primer. This catechism was originally written for parish priests, but is invaluable for parents and families.

6) The Catechism of Pius X. This is a PDF of the complete Catechism. This catechism was translated in 1910 by Fr. Hagan, an Irish priest. We found this on the web and made a PDF of it for you.

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